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How to play Roulette online

There are dozens of different variations of roulette available online. However, they are pretty hard to find live. Some variations have taken off and became very popular, some just never found their players.

When you visit an online casino, you will probably see 7-15 roulette variations. Don’t get too excited nor too discouraged at first. At least three variants will be the same classic roulette with varying stakes.

However, you will surely encounter new variants. Some will just offer 3D graphics or stream live roulette with a dealer. Others will have classic rules but offer bonus payouts (like 3-wheel roulette with bonus payouts for matching colors, numbers, etc.). But you will definitely find some new variations that are fun to play. They may require some time to get used to so use the free play options and practice before you switch to real money play.

Classic Roulette

In the classic roulette game you have a wheel and a board with red or black numbers from 1-36. The numbers on the board go from the top left corner (red 1) to bottom right corner (red 36).

There is also a zero number (usually green).
To start you have to place your bet that you can do in a variety of ways either on outside bets or inside bets (or both).

Outside bets
Outside bets allow you to pick a group of numbers. For example, you can bet on red/black/even/odd/low (1-18)/ high (19-36). If you place your bet here and win you will be paid even money ($1 for each $1 you bet).
Two other outside bets are column and dozen. You either bet on numbers 1-12, 13-24, 25-36 or on one of the three dozen numbers: first (1,4,7…), second (2,5,8) or third (3,6,9). In any case you bet on one third of the numbers so if you win your bet is doubled (dozens and columns pay 2:1).

Inside bets
Now this is where the real money comes from. The payouts on this line go from 6:1 to 35:1 but understandably, the numbers are harder to guess.

Street - You can bet on three numbers on a horizontal line (for example, 1,2,3).
Split – you place a bet on two numbers next to each other.
Corner – you place your bet on four numbers next to each other.
Six line – Similarly to street you bet on numbers on the same horizontal line. But instead of three, you bet on six numbers.
Single – finally, you can also bet on single numbers on the board. The winning number pays 1:35.

But classic roulette will not probably be your choice always. So, when you feel like trying something new, go for roulette variations. Most of them don’t deviate from original rules too much so these small changes are easy to notice and adjust. For example, there is a variation that allow you to play three roulette wheels at a time and get bonuses for matching colors, numbers, etc.

Other variations simply give you extra cash via side bets or have more extreme differences like only a third of the numbers on the wheel.
online roulette for real money
But it all depends on the online casino where you decide to play roulette, the games they offer and how adventurous are you. If you prefer, just stay with the classic.