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It is estimated that roulette is at least three times more popular than any other casino game. For many reasons it’s a player’s favorite to play live and online.

If it’s a game you have never played before, don’t worry. It’s really easy to learn. At you can find the rules of the game, find an online casino with free roulette games and big bonuses for new players.

Roulette is a fund game that you will never get bored with. Play classic or modern roulette variations, bet on numbers, rows, colors and let’s that wheel spin!

Roulette live or online?

What to choose: live or online casino? Out of these two probably playing live is more exciting. But playing online is much easier, you don’t have to go anywhere, you can make much smaller bets than in live roulette and it can be just as fun with the dozens of variations you can choose from online. You will not find such a variety in no live casino.

Don’t worry if you’ve never actually played roulette online. All you need is to register an account at an online casino, verify your email and you’re almost set. This will get allow you to access any game at the casino to play for free. When you want to try out real money games, check the available payment options (credit cards, e-wallets), pick the one you prefer and make your first deposit.